Arnis Aleinikovas: performance in Kaunas - Kauno Bienalė

Arnis Aleinikovas: performance in Kaunas


LUCIDITY Arnis Aleinikovas_Wroclaw by Wojciech_Chrubasik

On March 17th–18th, 7 pm at the gallery “Meno parkas” in Kaunas Lithuanian artist Arnis Aleinikovas and performance from Poland presents performance “Lucidity”.

The performative show is a summary of Arnis Aleinikovas‘s month-long residency at the Wrocław Institute of Culture within the EU Magic Carpets platform.

The title LUCIDITY means “the ability to think clearly,” which, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is described as a momentary experience. The performers of the show participated in the workshops led by Arnis Aleinikovas in Wroclaw, Poland. During the workshops they were able to explore this state through movement techniques including ecstatic movement, automatic writing and long meditative dance in a rave rhythm. The whole process played an extremely important role in the creation of the final performance LUCIDITY, which combines all the methods of body work learned. Individual movements developed by workshop participants, as well as texts and visualizations, will be used in the show.

Since the 1990s, electronic music parties have become a remedy for many generations, and LUCIDIT breaks down sequences of repetitive movements, tempo changes, body micro-movements, and invites us to reflect on the role in times of technological acceleration, and what processes can be subjected to in the age of artificial intelligence development?

Friday 17 March at 7 pm and Saturday 18 March at 7 pm the aesthetics of meditative practices, techno and rave parties, will put us in an ecstatic state where the body surrenders to the rhythm and can move freely. Dance will also become one form of escape to a place on the borderline between dream and reality, a relaxed and tense body, darkness and light. The first floor of “Meno parkas” will become a dance floor with colorful and flashing lighting, artificial smoke and fluorescence.


Premiered at Barbara center in Wroclaw, Poland in January, 2023.

Kaunas Biennial and Wrocławski Instytut Kultury are partners of the international Magic Carpets platform co-financed by the European Union. The show is part of gallery’s project “Ether. 2023”. Project is partly financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Free entrance, but limited seating, registration recommended in here.


Video story behind the creative process in here: