Yonamine - Kauno Bienalė



Yonamine’s prolific and diverse artistic practice includes painting, drawing, graffiti, photography, video, and other media, such as tattooing and body art. His multimedia installations are both personal diaries and explorations of African history and politics. Currently, his work is articulated by complex installations, large murals, photographs, and videos. In these works, the artist uses an immense range of objects and materials, such as newspapers, serigraphs, drawings, collages, and traces where images from popular culture, American films, personalities that populate the masses, and political figures of the African continent and the world overlap. In this great mixture, the artist builds a peculiar vocabulary on these references and his own positions. Yonamine’s art has been displayed in such countries as Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and Zimbabwe, and in such spaces as the 52nd Venice Biennale (Venice, 2007), Cristina Guerra Gallery (Lisbon, 2012 and 2016), the 15th Istanbul Biennial (Istanbul, 2017) and Michael Janssen Gallery (Berlin, 2022). Yonamine’s works have also been included into the Centre Pompidou and Franks-Suss collections.