The mobile application “Digital Heart of Kaunas” offers an opportunity to discover hidden spaces and stories of Kaunas city with the help of digital artworks. Today, digital technologies, computers and mobile phones play an important role in our lives, and computer-generated images are rapidly becoming a part of our daily lives. The constructs of human mind, various visions and fantasies, which we try to translate into reality, create opportunities for creative projects. Digital culture and digital art are going hand-in-hand with technological innovations and images created on computer screen are becoming one of the methods of creating contemporary artworks.

The main aim for professional artists and students during the creative workshops, which took place in September-October 2020 at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, was to look at the different spaces of Kaunas city that lack cultural attention, and with the help of imagination, vision and fantasy connect local stories, myths and legends with the opportunities provided by the digital technologies. The newly created digital artworks bring to the fore the problematics of a particular place, recount its story (past, present or, sometimes, even future) and reflect upon the cultural traditions and values of the contemporary city. The new digital artworks provide an opportunity for the local community to reflect on their past, evaluate the current situation and at the same time act as a starting point in shaping the vision for the city’s future.

This project is a part of the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 programme

Project initiated by Kaunas Biennial

Project supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture a

Project partner Vilnius Academy of Arts the Faculty of Kaunas

Idea: Konstantin Djurickovic (Serbia)

Curator: Neringa Kulik (Lithuania)

/ The mobile application might be temporary unavailable at the Apps Store and Google Play /