Tatzu Nishi - Kauno Bienalė

Tatzu Nishi


The Freedom Monument in Kaunas – a symbol of independent Lithuania and one of the first monumental sculptures of the nation state – was commisioned by the Minister of Defence and designed by sculptor Juozas Zikaras in 1921. In 1928, on the tenth anniversary of Lithuanian independence, it was errected next to Unity Square. The monument was demolished in 1950 by the order of the Soviet government. The bronze angel was stored in the History Museum, later in the Čiurlionis Museum of Art. In those years, freedom was talked about only privately, around the kitchen table. In 1989, the Freedom Monument was restored in its original location. The overall height of the Monument is 12.35 m.
Freedom. 2017
Vienybės a., Karo muziejaus sodelis, Kaunas
More info: https://bienale.lt/2025/en/tatzunishi-1/

Flat for Rent. 2017
Laisvės al. 50 D-3, Kaunas
More info: https://bienale.lt/2025/en/tatzunishi-2/