Manca Bajec - Kauno Bienalė

Manca Bajec


A miniature [monument] does something that a gigantic one cannot: it offers the possibility of possession but at the same time it seeks and captures attention in a different way. In its unthreatening form, it becomes a curiosity that can be assessed and contemplated. A Trojan Horse perhaps? Its shape or form tells a story both here and across the border. The visual language remains untouched by national belonging. So what if these forms, abstracted in shape, could be any story? Anyone’s and everyone’s?

GAME: MONUMENT has no end and no beginning, it is always in motion, a constantly changing “system of tragedy”. Players can choose to execute the game by taking on the role of the different personalities. One can play all the personalities or can choose to play with others. Each personality has specific powers of control. The PEOPLE are the speakers of the game and hold a pack of cards. They are the narrators of the game although they do not know what is written on the cards until it is revealed to them by the NATION OF MEMORY. The NATION OF MEMORY reveals the cards with the roll of a dice. The ARCHITECT OF HISTORY is responsible for enacting the narrative that is read by the PEOPLE by placing monuments onto the NATION OF MEMORY.
Manca Bajec
Game: Monument. 2017
Restaurant “Višta puode“, S. Daukanto g. 23, Kaunas
VII–III 8:00–18:00
IV–VI 8:00–23:00
Game mat, wooden figurines, cards, instruction booklet
To play the game please ask the restaurant staff.
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