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Kostas Bogdanas


300,000 is a number. It is also the number of Lithuanians uprooted and deported to Siberia by the Soviet regime. Statistical numbers are difficult to comprehend. The larger the number the more removed it feels from a real person and what that person lived through. By counting from one to 300,000 Kostas Bogdanas stretches this number in time, turning statistics into a sum of individuals. It takes over 200 hours to count. Counting out loud as a meditative act here is also an act of remembrance and an invitation to grasp the scale of the crime. On the other hand, the computerised nature of the counting questions how honest and sincere we are today when commemorating events important to our nation.
Kostas Bogdanas
300 000. 2017
Kaunas Railway Station, Platform 1
Sound installation. Programming: Laimonas Janutėnas, sound: Vytenis Gudliauskas
More info: https://bienale.lt/2025/en/kostasbogdanas-1/