Juozas Laivys - Kauno Bienalė

Juozas Laivys


A grey dot on a grey surface in Kaunas is the reincarnation of a work by Juozas Laivys entitled White Puck – White Dot, created in Minsk in 2002. (The artist continues not to make any new work and instead moderately varies the meaning of his earlier works.) The authorities in Minsk did not welcome this work by Laivys. A white ice hockey puck on white ice is an opportunity to take no notice of a scored or missed goal. Later the work was renamed White Dot – a metaphor for a termination of a never-ending sentence or an only individually predictable thought. Although this piece by Juozas Laivys in the Kaunas Biennial appears in another size and colour (having been adapted to the environment), its commemorative concept remains unchanged. The variant in Kaunas, placed in an empty place of the Soviet-era monument to V. Kapsukas, also functions as a full stop. A grey full stop in Kaunas, the same as a white full stop in Minsk, in a place where one would like to put a full stop to the never-ending sentence.
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The fear of boredom as a driving force has been persecuting this artist for a long time and has grown into more than one realised concept in an exhibition or a public space, and nevertheless has confirmed another indisputable position by Laivys that it is not only the fee but also humour which occupies a significant place in creative acts. (J. Laivys)
Juozas Laivys
Dot / Full Stop. 2012 / 2017
Laisvės al. / Vytauto pr., Kaunas
Paint on pavement
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