The Street Kids: a project beyond suburbia - Kauno Bienalė

The Street Kids: a project beyond suburbia


Round table and film screening “The Street Kids: a project beyond suburbia” Friday 10 February 2023, 14:30 – 18:30 at MAXXI Museum. An opportunity to reflect on the concept of the periphery beyond the sense of a geographical boundary. Because the centre-periphery binomial still represents a structure of consciousness.

The meeting starts from the European platform Magic Carpets. This awareness-raising project aims to cultivate a sense of belonging and to introduce to a broad and international audience young emerging talents who are called upon each year to confront different local identities through residency projects. Inspired by the reflections of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Magic Carpets project contributes to reformulating the notion of borders by initiating the development of widespread creativity.

On the occasion of the meeting, the docufilm CORE made by Monkeys Video Lab and curated by Latitudo Art Projects and the catalog for the Magic Carpets Landed exhibition published by Quodlibet in collaboration with the Kaunas Biennial will be presented.

Sara Basta artist
Lewis Biggs Chairman of the Institute for Public Art
Lucia Bricco artist
John Cascone artist
Diane Dever artist and curator
Corviale City Workshop: Francesco Careri architect and professor, University Roma Tre with Sara Braschi architect, Maria Rocco architect, Sofia Sebastianelli architect
Luis Do Rosario photographer
Anica Huck artist
Neringa Kulik Kaunas Biennial Director
Elena Mazzi artist
Monkeys Video Lab: Simone Valente video maker, Alessio Rucchetta video maker, Valerio Sammartino video maker
Jacopo Natoli artist
Sunny Nwume artist
Filippo Riniolo artist
Guendalina Salini artist
URKA artist
María Ángeles Vila Tortosa artist
Virginija Vitkienė CEO Kaunas 2022
Virginia Zanetti artist

The event is a collaboration by MAXXI Museum, Latitudo Art Projects and Magic Carpets, co-funded by EU.