Lina Lapelytė - Kauno Bienalė

Lina Lapelytė


What happens with a dead fish? (2021)

Three-channel video projection with sound, …minutes and ceramics

Commissioned for the Kaunas Biennial, 2021

Presented as a video installation spread over three floors of the Devil’s Museum, What happens with a dead fish? is the re-envisioning of a performance created by the artist.

The videos feature an amateur choir performing songs about the afterlife and what it means to slowly be swallowed by and disappear into one’s environment. Here, the media installation reveals what remained partially hidden – that which lies beyond what see through the reflective watery surface. Bodies, appearing as if cut in half, jump and swim in the water, partially abstracted by the force of their movements. A flight of custom-made ceramic boxes and bowls which originally framed and amplified the performance have become seating and traces of the event, embodying the idea of fragility and finitude.