Goodhearter Wisher - Kauno Bienalė

Goodhearter Wisher


It was raining heavily, 2021

Foam polystyrene, polyester resin, steel, Plexiglas, copper, acrylic paint

Commissioned for the Kaunas Biennial, 2021

Courtesy of the artist


Goodhearter Wisher has a keen understanding of materials that he combines in unusual ways in an aim to create stirring and emotional experiences. With his public sculpture It was raining heavily, the artist creates an upside-down world where gravity is thwarted. The enormous crying eyes made of cast tires, embody the universal sorrow, loneliness and painful loss we have felt during the pandemic. The large tears falling from the eyes metaphorically flow upwards until they reach two immense carved sponges on the roof of the museum, which act as receptacles. The imagined contact of the tears hitting the sponges transform the water into suds and bubbles. The piece is displayed on a wall of the National, M.K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art, honouring the enduring influence of the Lithuanian symbolist painter and composer.