Mantas Stabačinskas became the winner of the title Most Memorable Kaunas’ Artist organized by Kaunas Artists’ House. The artist was noticed for mature creativity and active social activities.

This year, nine nominees, selected for the competition by creative unions and cultural organizations, applied to become the most distinguished artist of the city. The laureate was chosen by a specially formed jury.

“This year, the importance of open, mutual dialogue between artists and society became clearer than ever. Not just what an artist can notice, create, see, but how he or she can directly participate, inspire, and prevent aloofness. And although the works of many candidates are strong and relevant to the city and its communities, this year the commission singled out M. Stabačinskas, the representative of contemporary dance, as the most memorable artist of 2020”, – chairman of the jury, theatre director J. Tertelis.

One of the most inspiring projects of M. Stabačinskas last year was the Creative Movement Laboratory, implemented together with the dancer Vasara Visockaitė, Kaunas Biennial and the international project “MagiC Carpets”, focused on the people with disabilities center “Korys”. The project became an open creative space for improvisations, freedom and the opportunity to become a part of the dancers’ community.

“Sometimes people with complex disabilities have fewer complexes than we do. Just today I thought that every day many of us come up with some kind of complexes that are formed by society demanding to be perfect. There is no such thing with them, and if there is, those complexes are completely different. We should let go those complexes more often and be more relaxed. From these people, I learned to be happy and to be openminded”, – M. Stabačinskas.

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