For the second year in a row, the “Kaunas visiems” campaign is a symbolic sign of gratitude and respect for organizations and individual Kaunas residents for their special attention to people affected by disability and their efforts to create a city accessible to all. During the meeting of Kaunas City Council on Tuesday, three laureates of 2020 were announced:  organizations “Argentavis”,“Genba Food” and the artists who presented the international Kaunas Biennial project “Magic Carpets”.

A different approach to disability

Unlike a year ago, this time the winners of “Kaunas visiems” were congratulated virtually, and will be awarded at the end of the quarantine.

“The evaluated initiatives and business organizations are living proof that, integration of a person affected by disability into the community and the labor market, is significant not only for themselves, but also creates added value for the business itself. In a sense, it enriches the whole company and at the same time strengthens the society “, – said the initiator of “Kaunas visiems” and the member of Health and Social Affairs Committee of Kaunas City Council, Dr. Donatas Večerskis.

Improvisations in contemporary dance

Choreographers and dancers of the Creative Movement Laboratory – Mantas Stabačinskas and Vasara Visockaitė working with Kaunas Biennial on a project “Magic Carpets”, were chosen in the Initiative of the year category. The artists embarked on a search for creativity with the community of the Korys Center for People with Disabilities.

“A happy and productive society consists of happy individuals. It’s hard to imagine a well-functioning mechanism when a few details are unattended and forgotten. And in this case, dance – especially contemporary – is a great platform to raise public awareness on the issue. Contemporary dance performers are constantly looking for new opportunities for movement and expression, so getting rid of stereotypes can only enrich this area. The ability to move according to music or rhythm is an innate need that we sometimes lose as we grow, but I believe it can be rediscovered. The opportunity to cooperate is the most important advantage of participating in similar projects, which inspires us to continue working”, – V. Visockaitė.

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