Poetry in the Yards of Šilainiai

The actors Edita Niciūtė and Arnis Aleinikovas, initiators for one of the five interdisciplinary Kaunas Biennial projects in Kaunas communities this summer, invited the people of Šilainiai area to share their own poetry. The project “Eiliuoti Šilainių kiemai” (“The queues of the Yards of Šilainiai”) attracted authors who simply “snatched” pages from their personal diaries […]

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Summer in the city by Kaunas Biennial: five interdisciplinary projects with communities

This year, Kaunas Biennial, which implements an international platform project MagiC Carpets, changes its activities and will pay more attention to the native artists and local community initiatives. Its five interdisciplinary projects will involve different communities of Kaunas city and district. According to the manager of MagiC Carpets project, Ms. Neringa Stoškutė, enabling local artists […]

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The second year of MagiC Carpets: launching the magic recap video

The carpets carrying the full scale of culture projects, artistic ideas, new stories and inspiring collaborations have landed. The year 2 of the MagiC Carpets platform has been an exciting journey for 27 international artists, who worked with the local colleagues and communities in 25 residencies. With our official multimedia documentary team Nanook, following the […]

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Aftermovie of the 12th Kaunas Biennial

At this uncertain nowadays it is so nice to remember more sunny times – last summer with the 12th Kaunas Biennial “After Leaving | Before Arriving”. For its 12th edition, the Kaunas Biennial explores the journey as a metaphor for the burgeoning cultural identity of a city with a complex past. Curators: Elisabeth Del Prete, […]

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Curator Neringa Stoškutė: the trend of displaying art online will outlast this global crisis

MagiC Carpets is a four-year (2017–2020) platform project made possible by Creative Europe and headed by Kaunas Biennial (Lithuania). It is a network of fifteen international organisations in fifteen European countries. Designed to promote cultural exchange, artist mobility, inclusion of local communities and international cooperation, in the face of the global pandemic, the project is […]

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Catalogue of the 12th Kaunas Biennial

12th Kaunas Biennial AFTER LEAVING | BEFORE ARRIVING, a catalogue of harmoniously concocted texts revealing the time-travel of Kaunas as a city and the architecture, people and stories that have become traces of this journey, reflected in the exhibition of the 12th Kaunas Biennial.   As you scroll through the pages you will find: – […]

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Inga Galinytė and Anna Papathanasiou: ‘By hybridizing two different polarities you always have the possibility to create a new language’

Lithuanian artist Inga Galinytė and Greek artist Anna Papathanasiou, two halves of an artistic duo, have been researching the phenomenon of empathy since the day they met. Responding to individual traumatic experiences, the artists are executing a long-term communication project to try to create an ‘empathetic body’ in their performances each time they meet. During […]

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curator Elisabeth del Prete: ‘The biennial draws specifically on the history of the city of Kau-nas as well as Lithuania to comment on ideas of passage and transition’

Elisabeth del Prete is one of the five curators of this year’s Kaunas Biennial AFTER LEAVING | BEFORE ARRIVING. Engaged in a wide range of activities, from curating exhibitions to providing a learning programme for artists that are developing community projects, Elisabeth del Prete concentrates on participatory, collaborative and accessibility aspects in her practice. In […]

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Bálint Szombathy: ‘I do not offer ready-to-use recipes because I am not a politician but an artist’

The body of work of Bálint Szombathy, an artist from the autonomous province of Vojvodina in Serbia, is political and brave. The artist, who began his career in difficult and politically exceptional circumstances, does not lack irony, even then he works on very complex socio-political issues and touches on sensitive topics. In the following conversation, […]

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12th Kaunas Biennial artist Francesca Grilli: ‘My performances start as images’

Italian artist Francesca Grilli often collaborates with very diverse and sometimes marginalized people, invites them to face their limitations and encourages them to disregard them in her performances. During the opening weekend of the 12thKaunas Biennial AFTER LEAVING | BEFORE ARRIVING the artist presented a performance at Kaunas Artists’ House, the video of which is […]

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