Laura Kaminskaitė

Laura Kaminskaitė (Vilnius, Lithuania 1984) is an artist based in Vilnius. Laura Kaminskaitė creates invisible events through objects and language, evoking exhibitions, scenarios, and narratives in the minds of viewers, readers, and listeners. Her works take on many guises and punctuate the exhibition room or public space with poetic moments that subtly contest the boundary of materiality and immateriality.

Kaminskaitė has exhibited her works in solo exhibitions, including Today is the Color Day Meets at Day (with Antanas Gerlikas), P////AKT, Amsterdam (2018); Today, Editorial, Vilnius (2017); Turn  smile  laugh  sashay  conversation  smile  laugh  spring up smile  laugh  talk, PodiumOslo (2017); Something something, Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen (2016); Exhition, BWA Warszawa, Warsaw (2013); Walking in a Title, The Gardens, Vilnius (2012); Exhibition, Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp (2012); and in group exhibitions, including The Guest, Kim?, Riga (2017); A Rock That Keeps Tigers Away, Kunstverein München, Munich (2017); XII Baltic Triennial, Dailes theatre, Riga (2016); A Million Lines, Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Centre, Krakow (2015); Helsinki group, Hiap Augusta gallery, Helsinki (2015); A Cab, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens (2014); The Moderna Exhibition 2014 – Society Acts, Moderna Museet Malmö, Malmö (2014); The excluded third, included , Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna (2014); Vilnius Pavilion, National Contemporary Art Centre (NCCA), Moscow (2013); Thinging, Frutta, Roma (2012); Sparrows, CAC, Vilnius (2012).

Its own unfolding elsewhere, 2019

VšĮ “Kauno bienalė”
Plento g. 1 d, Kaunas LT45393, Lietuva
Įmonės kodas 302751123
Tel. +37062998182
Biudžetinė sąskaita: LT627044060007822032


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