The Last Week of The Japan and Lithuanian Contemporary Textile Exposition in Kaunas

The exhibition presenting contemporary textiles of ten artists from Japan and Lithuania Deep “Rivers Flow Silently“ is open to the public till the 1st of September at M. Zilinskas Art Gallery in Kaunas.

Lithuanian and Japanese contemporary textile is an amazingly close art world. The artists of both countries dive into deep philosophical reflections, while their works require calm observation and longer reflection. The common artistic thinking and parallels of handling with materials are observed in the works of Japanese and Lithuanian artists.

“It is known that good art does not require any explanations or words. Sometimes the dancer’s move or a silent stroke of brush convey more than you understand after reading several tomes of fictional novel. Even though it seems that Japan is thousands of kilometres away from Kaunas and our culture, with its writing and language completely different, the textile has something magical and primitive that is understandable for all of us.” [ Kaunas Biennial Director Kotryna Žemaitytė]

Trilingual catalogue of the Exhibition of Contemporary and Lithuanian Textile “Deep Rivers Flow Silently” is available at the box-office at the Gallery.

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