99 meters
Waiting is a state known by all travellers. It envelopes us with a thrilling excitement or sneaks in like an anxious feeling. What does it mean to wait alone and how does the unknown look like when you wait for a new acquaintance in Lithuania, Europe or the World? This time, the journey offered to you is not a physical one, but rather the one of ideas and memories, with its final stop – the global answer to the question yet to be asked. We will look for it in the mirrors of timelessness, identity, values, connections and conflicts.
The directions have already been installed in train wagons, the waiting hall, the platform. They will help you to make the longest 99 meters in your life. Will we be able to measure them?
Venue: Kaunas Railway Station.
Duration: 1.5 hours.

30 lights
An event is the primary element of our story. Each and every one of us become the creators or hostages of the events in which we participate. When considering our identity, we are playing with the notions of the nation and culture, looking for our reflections elsewhere and for the others around us. Does our identity contain some place for the other, and for its visit at home? We will look for the ways to analyse our own and city’s identity, stepping over public spaces and private experiences. In the daylight, inter-cultural discourse is very convenient to engage in, but what happens when the light disappears and what do these 30 lights illuminate?
Venue: starts at Kaunas Bus Station (meeting point – platform no.1), ends at the Kaunas Picture Gallery.
Duration: 2 hours.

2 steps
Flocking together, speaking Lithuanian, born here: who are we and where do we go? The starting point of these questions is the history of the city. Later we will look back to the architecture, public spaces that turned into temporary galleries witnessing the existence of the soft and hard power. The national question analysed by the visiting artists will reappear reminding us the conflict among cross-generational structures.
How far away from one another are we? And where these two steps can take us?
Venue: start in Kaunas Picture Gallery, end in the National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art.
Duration: 2 hours.

*For tours in English please request on registracija@biennial.lt

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