Taus Makhacheva and 380 Kilos of Well-planned Absurdity

The spectrum of the themes explored by Taus Makhacheva, a Russian artist from the Caucasus, is very vide. Whether she’s dealing with complex political issues or creating mock-ups for the Venice Biennial, considered to be one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the world, the artist does everything with constructive criticism and subtle humor. In […]

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Kaunas Biennial will be closed for the Statehood Day

Dear visitors, the 12th Kaunas Biennial exposition “After Leaving | Before Arriving” will be closed for the Statehood Dayon 6thof July. On Friday, the exhibition will work one hour shorter than usual. We kindly remind you that 12thKaunas Biennial “After Leaving | Before Arriving” exposition is available at various public places around the city which is […]

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MagiC Carpets Presents Year 2

1-5 of July, Kaunas Biennial will host partners of the international project MagiC Carpets. On the 3rd of July, in Kaunas participants will present creative residencies for the year 2 of the project. MagiC Carpets is a Creative Europe platform uniting 13 European partners and intended for travelling emerging artists to work in socially engaged […]

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Tour with Galerie Uberall director

Photos by: Gintarė Žaltauskaitė Over the course of 12th Kaunas Biennial, Galerie Uberall Office temporarily relocates to the underground passage in Kaunas Train Station. Here it serves as the starting point for the monthly tours of the biennial led by art dealer and businessman Galerie Uberall Director. During the tours the Director will reveal the […]

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Ieva Epnere, photo by Kristīne Madjare_maz_croped

12th Kaunas Biennial artist Ieva Epnere: ‘I like to leave some space for the spectator’s imagination.’

Ieva Epnere is a Latvian-Russian artist that often discusses the complex themes of identity and its crisis in her body of work. By subtly connecting autobiographical elements and the experiences of other people living in a close environment, Ieva explores the overlapping points of individual and collective memories. In the following conversation, the artist shares […]

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Ana Kovačić presents her artwork “Migrating Species – Reflections on Moving (Rest)”

Sundays are for lazy afternoons watching birds and eating ice-cream! 12th Kaunas Biennial “After Leaving | Before Arriving” presents MagiC Carpets resident Ana Kovačic and her artwork. The installation “Migrating Species – Reflections on Moving (Rest)” is comprised of a bird feeder, bird bath and benches for the Obelynė park in Akademija. 12th Kaunas Biennial […]

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Francesca Grilli “The Forgetting of Air”

Francesca Grilli (b. 1978 Italy) The Forgetting of Air, 2016/2019 Performance Courtesy Umberto Di Marino, Naples The Forgetting of Airis a performance originally conceived for Italy as a ‘gate of Europe’, which has a site-specific aspect: every time it is performed in a city, the artist invites immigrants to join the group of performers, revealing […]

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„Empatiškas kūnas: savo būgno ritmu“

„Empatiškas kūnas: savo būgno ritmu“ Inga Galinytė (Lietuva) ir Anna Papathanasiou (Graikija) Performansas Inga Galinytė ir Anna Papathanasiou kartu dirbti pradėjo 2018 m. Watermill Centre Niujorke (JAV) vykusios Tarptautinės Roberto Wilsono vadovaujamos vasaros mokyklos metu. Įsitraukusios į ilgalaikį projektą „FTIJs“ (FIRST TIME IN JACUZZI. sorry.), menininkės siekia tarpusavyje sukurti bendrą nematerialią erdvę, apibrėžtą ne geografinių […]

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The 12th Kaunas Biennial: AFTER LEAVING | BEFORE ARRIVING invites visitors to embark on a journey through the city. Until September 29, 2019 Biennial is taking the history of Kaunas as its point of departure, the exhibition explores the metaphor of travel to investigate broader notions of passage, transition, and repair. Works by thirty international […]

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Mykola Ridnyi: “Nowadays, it is impossible to stay outside the political and social reality”

Menininkas, filmų kūrėjas ir kuratorius iš Ukrainos Mykola Ridnyi - vienas iš 12-os Kauno bienalės menininkų, kuriantis specialų darbą Kaunui. Menininko darbai apima daugybę medijų: nuo ankstyvųjų kolektyvinių akcijų viešosiose erdvėse, iki įvairių įvietintų instaliacijų, skulptūrų, fotografijos ir judančių vaizdų, kuriuos dažnai galima sutikti šiandieninėje jo praktikoje. Birželio 7 - rugsėjo 29 dienomis 12-oje Kauno bienalėje PO IŠVYKIMO | PRIEŠ ATVYKSTANT bus pristatyti du Mykola Ridnyi darbai. Kauno geležinkelio stotyje įsikurs naujas specialiai Kaunui skirtas menininko kūrinys, o Kauno paveikslų galerijoje bus eksponuojamas jautrius politinius klausimus liečiantis "Gradual Loss of Vision" (Laipsniškas apakimas).

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Jasmina Cibic

Jasmina Cibic: In Search of National Identity in Art

Jasmina Cibic (b. 1979) is a Slovenian artist based in London. In her work, the artist discusses issues of national representation, construction of national identity and gendering in art and architecture. In the following conversation, the artist, who has recently visited Kaunas and will be presenting work in the 12th Kaunas Biennial, shares her thoughts […]

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Artūras Morozovas

Artūras Morozovas: ‘Telling stories with images is a mission that requires a lot of responsibility.’

Photographer Artūras Morozovas is one of the 12th Kaunas Biennial artists whose new project will be presented in Kaunas on June 7 until September 29. The photographer, known to many for his work done in conflict areas, has begun to enjoy a slower professional life and gladly embarks on the paths of his chosen stories. The latest project by Artūras Morozovas - about the guarded crossings of Lithuanian railways - will be exhibited in the train wagon.

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Kauno bienalė

This summer, the Kaunas Biennial invites you on an unforgettable journey

The upcoming 12th Kaunas Biennial AFTER LEAVING | BEFORE ARRIVING, like the distant rumble of a puffing train, will encourage everyone to embark on a journey that will start on June 7 and continue until September 29. The works, research, and installations of twenty-six artists from all over the world, presented at the Kaunas Railway Station, Kaunas Picture Gallery and other various venues of the city, will invite people to enjoy a summer full of experiences. Maps will be available at the information centers, and professional guides will be responsible for your routes.

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LAUNCH EVENT in Kunstverein München

On Tuesday 9. April 2019 at 7 pm, Kunstverein München will host a launch event and discussion in anticipation ofthe upcoming 12th Kaunas Biennial: AFTER LEAVING | BEFORE ARRIVING, which will open on 7 June 2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Curator Daniel Milnes will present the concept for the exhibition, sketching out the history of the […]

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Kauno bienalės vadovė Kotryna Žemaitytė.

Getting to know the world through art

I met Ms. Kotryna Žemaitytė, Executive Director of Kaunas Biennial, at a cosy café, just outside her office. While there are so many meetings and preparations going on behind the scenes of the approaching 12thedition of Kaunas Biennial, we talked about freedom, dynamics and challenges of the upcoming projects. First of all, let us speak […]

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12-oji Kauno bienalė įvyks vasarą


Kaunas Biennial announces curators and concept for its 12thedition titled AFTER LEAVING | BEFORE ARRIVING to take place from June 7 to September 29, 2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania and entrusts its journey to a team of five emerging and international curators: Elisabeth Del Prete, Daniel Milnes, Lýdia Pribišová, Neringa Stoškutė, and Alessandra Troncone, together with consulting curator Lewis Biggs.

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