11th Kaunas Biennial

The 11th Kaunas Biennial THERE AND NOT THERE seeks to oppose the populist practice of removing/erecting and the conservative traditionalism prevalent in monument discourse in Lithuania, and to stimulate and legitimise radically new, contemporary, conceptual, relevant ideas and forms of commemoration, inviting us to look back at removed monuments, rethink existing monuments, and imagine new monuments. Paulina Pukytė, curator of the 11th Kaunas Biennial. More information: www.bienale.lt/2017/en

10th Kaunas Biennial

Threads: Fantasmagoria about Distance, curated by the well-known art theorist and curator Nicolas Bourriaud. For the celebratory season the organisers of the Biennial chose to focus on the topic of contemporary communication and direct the programme towards provoking live encounters and networking. This year the festival will present over 80 contemporary artists from the world round and will focus on collaborations between visual and sound artists. The programme of the festival will spread out to the main galleries as well as public and industrial spaces. More information: www.bienale.lt/2015/en

9th Kaunas Biennial

The 9th Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT created conditions for immediate collisions of an artwork and a spectator, allowing the experience of art as a universal text. Curators of the exhibition together with artists pursued a concept that was new and unfamiliar in a cultural context and consolidated it by presenting practical examples. We went into the question of a unitext, which was the latest link in work -> text -> intertext -> hypertext -> unitext semiotic chain of a philosophic / art criticism / artistic field.

8th Kaunas Biennial

The 8th international festival Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE’11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD is a platform for interrelations between visual and performing arts, as well as between art, science and industry: 7 days dance theater program; 10 days conference with lectures, workshops, excursions; Fluxus happenings’ week, public art activities will unite artists and empower the local community for the common experience in cultural [co]/[post]/production. Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE’11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD is based on the concept of [con]textualized motion in time.

7th Kaunas Biennial
6th Kaunas Biennial

TEXTILE 09 involves artists working with others to create opportunities for direct experience and live examination of art production. The main part of the biennial consists of 30projects’ residency programme LIVE EXAMINATION which will be realised by 60 artists from 20 countries. Nine satellite exhibitions are also programmed to run parallel to the residencies. An innovation of the 7th edition of Kaunas Biennial is the Education Programme for families and young people.

5th Kaunas Biennial

TEXTILE 05 attempts to analyze expressions of textile in the context of contemporary art. It will give the power to site specific, new artistic technologies and conceptual ideas – Place, Technology and Concept. PLACE is going to explore textile in relation to living as well as open spaces. The works that were commissioned for specific places or created for a particular location are the centre of interest. TECHNOLOGY is going to explore technologies as a base and reason for the artistic ideas and expressions. It will investigate the impact and value of technology (industrial and individual) in the field of textile art. We are looking for innovative original technologies and new materials in relation to textile art. CONCEPT is going to explore textile as a media in a conceptual art field. We want to trace the position of textile as means and values in forming the conceptual art. Textile in relation to interdisciplinary art and site specific is in the field of interest.

4th Kaunas Biennial
3rd Kaunas Biennial

2nd Kaunas Biennial

“LINE” of ’99 weighty intervenes the dispersion of textile days in Kaunas and continues the idea of the international textile event that took place in ’97.” – an art critic Raimonda Kogelytė Simanaitienė about the exhibition.

1st Kaunas Biennial

“This international exhibition reflects typical process, experiment in using the main material of textile – yearn and its substitutes. This is characteristic feature of Baltic textile. This exhibition held in our neighborhood – Lodz or Scandinavian applied art exhibitions held in Lithuania. Those exhibitions activated untiutilitarian tendencies in Lithuania. There is not much of the ethnic character in this textile exhibition but tradition is felt in use of materials and techniques (patterns, embroidery, stitches, colors, the conceptually incoded image of the ancient textile).” – an art critic Raimonda Kogelyte Simanaitiene about the exhibition.


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