Paulina Pukytė

Paulina Pukyte (b. 1966, Vilnius) is an artist, writer, essayist, and curator of the 11th Kaunas Biennial. She writes critical and satirical articles on cultural issues and has published a collection of essays, and two fiction books. In her interdisciplinary artistic practice she makes site-specific interventions and moving image, often using found artefacts and found texts. Poetic and ironic, as well as critical, her work twists perspectives and meanings, questions accustomed truths, deconstructs socio-ideological myths and socio-cultural clichés. Her art strategies are often consciously restrained, almost invisible, and she embraces serendipity. Paulina Pukytė acts as a mediator between art and life, an interpreter and transmitter of cultural experience, rehabilitating what is seemingly unimportant and inferior but terribly human.

29 = 42. Refusal of the Afterimage. 2017

Monument to Freedom

At Noon in Democrats’ Square. 2017


VšĮ “Kauno bienalė”
Plento g. 1 d, Kaunas LT45393, Lietuva
Įmonės kodas 302751123
Tel. +37062998182
Biudžetinė sąskaita: LT627044060007822032


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