Juozas Laivys

Juozas Laivys (b. 1976 in Rietavas, Lithuania). is an artist of ideas and minimalist conceptualism. His work includes experimental performances, installations, series of ideas and objects which he uses to capture the flow of everyday life without interfering with it too much. J. Laivys’ creative strategies seek to devalue art as an object or commodity, highlight the thinking process, language games and various social interventions. Often ironic and absurd actions by Juozas Laivys exploit the everyday, the insignificant and the invisible levels of reality. It seems that the artist is not saying anything, he only offers to engage in actions balancing on the border between a game and a significant event. In 2015 he decided to suspend his individual creative activity for 14 years in order to turn his own life into an artwork. Currently he is experimenting with the possibilities of post-production and examining pure ideas dictated by a specific place, time, relevant events and subjective artistic vision.

Dot / Full Stop. 2012 / 2017


VšĮ “Kauno bienalė”
Plento g. 1 d, Kaunas LT45393, Lietuva
Įmonės kodas 302751123
Tel. +37062998182
Biudžetinė sąskaita: LT627044060007822032


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