Allard van Hoorn

Allard van Hoorn (b.1968, Leiden, the Netherlands) is a sound, installation, and performance artist creating choreographies for architecture, urban structures as musical scores, scenographies for the built environment, and scripts for investigating our relationships to (public) spaces and nature. His main body of work consists of Urban Songlines, a utopian/dystopian series of collaborative translations of buildings, urban structures, and public spaces into music through site-specific sound-generation inspired by the tradition of the Songlines, a system for relating to, mapping of, and caring for their land among Aboriginal Australians. These performances are a way of connecting to places by listening to them as well as research into how we use and experience the public domain and to what degree we can claim ownership over it, discussing notions of inclusion, becoming and belonging.

054 Urban Songline (26 Paving Tiles) | Latitude: 54.899107° N – 54.899867° N / Longitude: 23.911322° E – 23.914066° E. 2017

055 Urban Songline (Static Generator) | Latitude: 54.902386° N – 54.902892° N / Longitude: 23.916612° E – 23.917294° E. 2017

VšĮ “Kauno bienalė”
Plento g. 1 d, Kaunas LT45393, Lietuva
Įmonės kodas 302751123
Tel. +37062998182
Biudžetinė sąskaita: LT627044060007822032


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